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D@S 1000 Fruit Pack


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  • Get fresh and quality fruits at source price
  • Get Rs 250 worth of fruits per week
  • weekly delivery to your home on your preferred day
  • Rs 100 Service Charges per month
  • Cash on Delivery available
  • You will get 4 weeks delivery per month on selected package
  • The fruits will be good quality in size, taste, appearance and freshness/ripeness

Consider the fruit list: Fruit package may include the following fruits based on the availability. Juicy Apple, Delicious Pomegranate, Sparking Oranges, Tropical Kiwi, Crispy Pears and Gorgeous Grapes, banana, Water melon, Papaya, Guava, Plums, Litchi, Seasonal Fruits, Imported Fruits..etc

    • Natural vitamins and minerals that the body craves for well-being.
    • Fruits can increase energy, aid the body in Vitamin C acceptance.
    • Help with weight management and reduce the effects of aging.
    • The fruit is great-tasting…as in mouth-watering,delicious, cant-get-enough great-tasting.
    • Pick up and eat fruits before or after exercise.
    • Eating fruits daily reduced risk of chronic diseases.
    • Healthy diet protects against certain cancers
    • Provides Antioxidant Protection and Immune Support
    • Eating a diet rich in fruit may reduce risk for stroke, other cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes.
    • Fruits will be delivered once a week.
    • We will deliver fresh fruits with supervision standards from the source place.
    • Fruits will be delivered anytime between 7 AM – 8 PM
    • Customers can contact us in case of non-availability during delivery days. Those deliveries will be carry forward further weeks.
    • Since the prices are going up day by day….We DEAL@Source found a solution to bring them down.
    • Our goal is to get your daily needs @ the lowest price possible
    • We deliver the products at your door step.
    • Our aim is to cut down your monthly expenses on kitchen needs
    • Shop with us to take advantage of our prices.
    • We act as an official nominee for all your purchases
    • We negotiate price on behalf of our customers
    • Your Cooperation makes us more strong and in return we can get you better deals
    • Get subscribe and Get products at source price.
    • Deal@Source Motto Save Time & Save Money.
    • Fruit safety at home wash:
      • Wash your hands before and after preparing fruits.
      • Wash or scrub all fruits under running water before eating, cutting or cooking.
      • Fruits labeled “prewashed” do not need to be washed.
    • Keep Cold

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