Why Deal@Source

  • Since the prices are going up day by day….We Deal@Source found a solution to bring them down.
  • Our goal is to get your daily needs @ the lowest price possible
  • We deliver the products at your door step.
  • Our aim is to cut down your monthly expenses on kitchen needs
  • Shop with us to take advantage of our prices.
  • We act as an official nominee for all your purchases
  • We negotiate price on behalf of our customers
  • Your Cooperation makes us more strong and in return we can get you better deals
  • Get subscribe and Get products at source price.
  • Deal@Source Motto Save Time & Save Money.

We are addressing the below challenges of our customers by establishing an optimized market supply chain and an established delivery network.

  1. Consumers spending more time on traveling to market to get fresh vegetables, fruits and home needs.
  2. If time is constraint, then they need to pay higher price to buy at local retailers.
  3. Sometimes even paying higher prices, customers are not satisfied with the quality of produce food.
  4. Customers are worried about the family’s daily needs shopping and delivery to home when they are away from family and loved ones.
  5. Even Farmers are not satisfied with their selling price to the market (as the Consumer paid price and Farmer selling price are drastically different)

We Deal@Source found a solution to address the above challenges.

  1. We established an optimized market supply chain to empower farmers sell their produce directly to our customers.
  2. Which helps Customers with fresh and good quality veggies and fruits.
  3. We negotiate with grocery wholesalers to get better deals for our customers on groceries.
  4. In your busy life style, we help you save time and money on your kitchen needs shopping.